Your skills are important to us

Local community participation in the Northern Gateway Project has always been our priority

Northern Gateway is proud of our long-standing commitment to provide opportunities to local communities like yours. To date, we have invested over $3 million dollars in a Community Education and Training fund to help northern residents build their skills for our project and other opportunities. Now, we’re taking it a step further.

Connecting opportunity seekers with opportunities

The Northern Gateway Regional Skills and Business Database is designed to connect local residents from communities near the Northern Gateway project to employment and business opportunities associated with the project and/or with Northern Gateway’s contractors and service providers. By connecting local aboriginal people, community members and businesses to our contractors and service providers, Northern Gateway is ensuring Northerners have the opportunity to participate in and benefit from this project and other opportunities as well Northern Gateway will use the information voluntarily supplied in this database to connect job and business opportunity seekers with our contractors and service providers.

Please note that your submission does not guarantee or otherwise ensure future work or business opportunities.

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If you would like to update your personal/business information, please contact

Thank you for your interest in the Northern Gateway Project. Together we can build a prosperous B.C. and Alberta

Individual Form

If you are an individual interested in employment, please complete the Individual Form.

Small to Medium Business Form (subcontractors)

If you are a small-to-medium sized businesses interested in working on the Northern Gateway Pipeline project, please complete the Small to Medium Business Form to express interest in a subcontracting capacity. You will be required to provide a company profile as well as demonstrate the services/materials your company can provide, regions you serve, and any safety programs.

Large Business \ Supplier Form (direct contract)

If you are a large company interested in working on the Northern Gateway Pipeline project, please complete the Large Business/Supplier Form to express interest in providing direct support to the project. You will be required to provide a company profile including overall structure (number of employees, aboriginal/local/labor affiliations) and the nature of the business (vendor, manufacturer, contractor, distributor).